Willie Simpson, Sip From Your Fork

Another live show, this time me playing an original.  Sip From Your Fork, written when I was 22, never properly recorded.  A damn fine set of lyrics.

It was clearly your fault, you are locked in a vault
and what’s worse you have swallowed the key

You are covered in sleet and you are in it so deep
that in time theyll forget where you’re buried

so you might as well send your demons to hell
give a shout for some help do not worry

theres a reason to live that is true
you know what to do
its waitin for you because, its in you

I only can watch, as your monolog flies by
your mind and your lips everyday

you rant and you rave, yet you cannot convey youre insane
no one knows what to do, with you

youre dry as a cactus and without a tune, as you sip from your fork
and get bent by your spoon

come with me i can show you the way, ill show you today, why today
because, its monday

i will not believe that you will not be free
oh these negative illusions you spray

ill always contend, and i never pretend
when i beg you to see it that way

but youre chained to a rock, with your eyes on a clock
ears defeaned to things that I say

I can reach you if you reach for me, we both can believe
if you wish to be free, then you will be

Words and Music by Willie Simpson

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3 Responses to “Willie Simpson, Sip From Your Fork”

  1. Cool song, Hans. I reiterate my advice to pull back the camera so people can see your hands. Also, that little groan at the end was a little weird. Just sayin’. But I liked the song a lot. Way2Go, buddy! High 5! Harroogah!

  2. Willie Simpson says:

    Hey Willie, it’s Willie! Just googled myself and found you. Way to go, I meant to snag williesimpson.com, but you’re using it better than I would have. I love that you’re a singer and you are quite good. I’m also a singer, live on the west coast but I’m a musical theatre/classical guy. All the best to you my brother from another mother! 🙂 WS

    • Willie says:

      That’s awesome man. I love meeting all the other Willie Simpsons out there. Check me out on facebook if you like. Keep up the good fight bro.

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