My Album, Funeral Business, Free to Play on YouTube

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Willie Simpson

My album of original music, Funeral Business (featuring Andrew Lee), has been available for purchase for some time. Well, now is the time when you can just listen to the whole thing for free on youtube. You can click here to get to my youtube webpage and subscribe, but below I am also putting all the songs in order for posterity’s sake. Again, thanks to everyone who contributed to this record, you know who are and I love you all. Again, if you like what you hear please follow these links to purchase. It means a lot.

Available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon MP3 —


Google Music

Amazon Music

Without further ado, here are the tracks, enjoy.

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Willie Simpson, Another Broken Heart (pt. 7)

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I wrote this song last fall, recorded it in the winter, started the music video in the spring, and put it away till..well…today.  The reason it’s the 7th part is because it took 7 mixes for me to get it just right.  Musically, this song was inspired by John Lennon’s “Julia,” and George Harrison’s “Not Guilty.”  I was going to call it, “The Road to Mandalay,” but I realized that British pop star Robbie Williams already had a song by that name, and the appeal of such a title went out the window.  The guitar picking was done on my ’75 Yamaha acoustic, and the guitar solo was played on my Epiphone Casino.  I really wish I could have made a beautiful live version video of the song, but I don’t have the money to arrange for it to be done perfectly. What you get instead is a charming little exercise in the wonder that is Microsoft Paint.  I gave up making the video many months ago because creating all the titles for the lyrics was so tedious that I lost interest until today, when I realized that I’m now unemployed, and it would have been a shame to not get it done when I had the chance.  I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.  Oh, and of course, please vote me as NYC’s best local blogger in the CBS contest where I am a finalist.  Thanks.

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Willie Simpson, Sip From Your Fork

Posted in Willie's Live Youtube Performances on April 29th, 2011 by Willie

Another live show, this time me playing an original.  Sip From Your Fork, written when I was 22, never properly recorded.  A damn fine set of lyrics.

It was clearly your fault, you are locked in a vault
and what’s worse you have swallowed the key

You are covered in sleet and you are in it so deep
that in time theyll forget where you’re buried

so you might as well send your demons to hell
give a shout for some help do not worry

theres a reason to live that is true
you know what to do
its waitin for you because, its in you

I only can watch, as your monolog flies by
your mind and your lips everyday

you rant and you rave, yet you cannot convey youre insane
no one knows what to do, with you

youre dry as a cactus and without a tune, as you sip from your fork
and get bent by your spoon

come with me i can show you the way, ill show you today, why today
because, its monday

i will not believe that you will not be free
oh these negative illusions you spray

ill always contend, and i never pretend
when i beg you to see it that way

but youre chained to a rock, with your eyes on a clock
ears defeaned to things that I say

I can reach you if you reach for me, we both can believe
if you wish to be free, then you will be

Words and Music by Willie Simpson

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Willie Simpson, I Threw it All Away

Posted in Bob Dylan, Willie's Live Youtube Performances on April 16th, 2011 by Willie

This will be the last Dylan song I perform for a while.  In my experiments with recording myself for youtube this week, Bob just offered the perfect songs for me to play with.  This one, I Threw it All Away, from his Nashville Skyline record, I just couldn’t pass up.  It is one of my all time favorite songs of any artist.  It’s a golden flower of a song.  The words are perfect, etched in eternal ice with no superfluous imagery, and no sentiment anyone could possibly disagree with.  His melody and phrasing with the song are some of his best ever, driving his message strait to your soul.  It is worth checking out his performance of it on the Johnny Cash Show, which lucky for you I am posting, to of course foolishly shatter my own soft performance, but fuck it, lets just celebrate the song, and not me being a jackass.  Enjoy.

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Willie Simpson, Positively 4th Street

Posted in Bob Dylan, Willie's Live Youtube Performances on April 15th, 2011 by Willie

My performance of Bob Dylan’s Positively 4th Street. This one has WAY better audio this time because it dawned on me to use a real mic. Expect my videos to get much better in the future when I get more confidence recording these things, though I like the little rasp I’ve got going here.  I leave these posts short because I provide some commentary in the video itself..ENJOY!

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Willie Simpson, Buckets of Rain

Posted in Bob Dylan, Willie's Live Youtube Performances on April 11th, 2011 by Willie

As promised, my performance of Buckets of Rain by Bob Dylan.  I played it on my Epiphone Casino because the mic picked it up better.  Also, I did it in Open E tuning, so that’s why I’m looking at my guitar so much, to make sure I’m playing the right chords.  I hope to have many more of these in the future, with better quality.  This was admittedly a hard song for me, but I think I peeled it off ok.  I hope you enjoy.

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