My Top 100 Youtube Favorites, a Retrospective, Part 1

Now that my countdown is complete, I thought it’d be fun to look back at the whole list, organize it, link it up, and add a fresh comment or two for posterity’s sake.  So, without further ado, here it is, part 1 of my youtube countdown featuring the last 25 songs to appear on the list.

#100.  The Beatles, All You Need is Love – Is it my favorite Beatles song?  Not technically, but I think it’s their greatest triumph.  FYI, this video was originally in black and white until the art gurus at Apple colorized it based on photographs from the event.

#99.  The Beatles, Nowhere Man – The song that inspired me to become a Beatle slave, and a musician myself.  Fun fact, not many songs have a guitar solo after the first verse.

#98.  Tribalistas, Ja Se Namorar – 21st century island cool Brazilian pop at its finest.

#97.  Carl Perkins and Friends, Rockabilly School – One of the greatest TV concerts in rock and roll history.  Does anyone have a magic pair of blue suede shoes so I can travel back in time and be at this show?

#96.  Simon and Garfunkel, The Sounds of Silence –  You get to see S & G in all their young nerdy early 60s glory in this vid…Amazing.

#95.  The Beach Boys, The Ramones, Do You Wanna Dance? –  One of my favorite updates on the list.  I absolutely adore both versions of this song, especially the Ramones ass kicking version.

#94.  The Rolling Stones, Paint it Black – The Stones in a rare gritty live TV performance of their seminal 1966 hit.  It features Brian Jones vamping on sitar, what more could you want?

#93.  Ween, Even If You Don’t – The combination of the brothers Ween, and the brothers South Park.

#92.  The Doors, Break On Through (To The Other Side) – My favorite Doors single ever, and this one has the original censored lyrics!

#91.  Joy Division, Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division’s classic tune that pretty much makes the rest of post punk redundant because this tune is endlessly playable.

#90.  Islands, Rough Gem – Nick Diamonds beautiful indie tribute to NASA, and his own name.  Gorgeous modern pop.

#89.  Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, Ebony and Ivory – Yes they were friends, but no they were not in the same room when this music video was recorded…So odd.

#88.  Bob Marley, Could You Be Loved (Rare Studio Take) – My favorite Bob Marley song.  He is authoritatively spiritual on this song, in the greatest way possible.

#87.  Michael Jackson, Leave Me Alone – My favorite Michael Jackson.  This was his unintentional glorious psychedelic 80s anthem.

#86.  James Brown, Get Up Offa That Thing, Dancing Lessons – James Brown just getting absolutely busy and serious as a mustache.

#85.  Marvin Gaye, Sexual Healing, 1983 Grammys – Marvin Gaye giving the music Illuminati a lesson in soul right before he died.  Timeless.

#84.  Marvin Gaye, The National Anthem – Gun to my head, the greatest performance of the National Anthem ever.

#83.  Al Green, Tired of Being Alone – How could any list of the greatest ever not have this ruby of perfect soul?

#82.  The Rolling Stones, Out of Time – My favorite mid 60s Rolling Stones song.  The hook just melts bones, and this link has 3 versions of the song!

#81.  Howlin’ Wolf, Smokestack Lightning – The Wolf howling his immortal classic.  Attitude for miles on this one.

#80.  George Harrison, Bangladesh – George’s funky hard rocking plea to end starvation and poverty in one of the worst countries in the world.

#79.  Michael Jackson, Pepsi Commercials – These are some great ads MJ and his brothers did for Pepsi.  As a bonus you get to see Mike’s hair catch on fire in this link!

#78.  Carl Sagan, A Glorious Dawn ft. Steven Hawking (Symphony of Science) – Did you know these famous astronomers were also brilliant musicians?  Well, they aren’t really, but this is amazing nonetheless.

#77.  Jeff Bridges, The Man in Me – The Dude singing one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs.  What a beautiful moment, and what a beautiful rug.

#76.  The Ramones, Howard Stern On-Air Fight, I Wanna Be Sedated – I love the Ramones, and I love Howard Stern.  This was a fascinating and hilarious blog post that really shouldn’t be missed.

#75.  X Ray Spex, Identity – A screamingly genius cut of early British punk from a group of original legends who shot across the music world like a comet.


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