My Top 100 Youtube Favorites, a Retrospective, Part 1

Posted in Youtube Favs on June 27th, 2011 by Willie

Now that my countdown is complete, I thought it’d be fun to look back at the whole list, organize it, link it up, and add a fresh comment or two for posterity’s sake.  So, without further ado, here it is, part 1 of my youtube countdown featuring the last 25 songs to appear on the list.

#100.  The Beatles, All You Need is Love – Is it my favorite Beatles song?  Not technically, but I think it’s their greatest triumph.  FYI, this video was originally in black and white until the art gurus at Apple colorized it based on photographs from the event.

#99.  The Beatles, Nowhere Man – The song that inspired me to become a Beatle slave, and a musician myself.  Fun fact, not many songs have a guitar solo after the first verse.

#98.  Tribalistas, Ja Se Namorar – 21st century island cool Brazilian pop at its finest.

#97.  Carl Perkins and Friends, Rockabilly School – One of the greatest TV concerts in rock and roll history.  Does anyone have a magic pair of blue suede shoes so I can travel back in time and be at this show?

#96.  Simon and Garfunkel, The Sounds of Silence –  You get to see S & G in all their young nerdy early 60s glory in this vid…Amazing. Read more »

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Carl Sagan, A Glorious Dawn ft. Stephen Hawking (Symphony of Science)

Posted in Youtube Favs on June 1st, 2011 by Willie

Part 78 of my youtube countdown takes us to the stars and beyond with the legendary Carl Sagan “singing” about the wonder and beauty of the universe with Stephen Hawking.  Some brilliant interneter cobbled this autotune masterpiece together featuring Sagan and Hawking rhapsodizing their best and most profound quotes into a groovy psychedelic techno jam.  Carl Sagan, one of the world’s greatest science popularizers, and all around decent human being, had a beautiful universal outlook.  He was able to advocate clearly, like no other astronomer before him, the endless magnificence of the universe, inspiring millions worldwide to look to the stars.  He was also a huge proponent of SETI, (the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence), even writing the book Contact, which later became the feature film starring Jodi Foster.  Sagan’s life was tragically cut short by cancer in 1996.  Hawking, the world’s greatest physicist, also makes an appearance in this video.  Hawking, as most know, suffers from Lou Gerhig’s Disease, a condition that has nearly paralyzed him, yet has not stopped his brain, or his tremendous work output, as he has contributed a wealth of mind-blowing knowledge to the world of science.  Anyway, this video is a fantastic thought provoking clip, and well worth watching.  Enjoy.

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