The X-Men TAS Podcast: X-MEN 97 + DP3 TRAILERS + Batman: Animal Act + Old Wounds

Finally, we get our first proper glimpse of X-Men 97 as well as Deadpool and Wolverine! We also race to the end of Batman TAS with a double episode dip featuring Nightwing so join us as we discuss…

  • The highs, lows and sweet creamy middles of our thoughts on the X-Men 97 trailer and the worldwide reaction!
  • Grabbing our popcorn as we witness new X-Men TAS in the era of social media!
  • Between X-Men TAS, Deadpool and Wolverine and Fantastic Four, feeling thrilled that some oxygen is finally back in the MCU!
  • Not forgetting Batman, we see him fight in the circus and AT LAST, we get Nightwing’s origin (well most of it anyway)!

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