My Top 100 Youtube Favorites, a Retrospective, Part 4

Sex sells!  I want to thank this “Drunken Angel” above and Tal Wilkenfeld from yesterday for drawing a few extra clicks to my humble little site.  Before anyone accuses me of perversion or lechery or something, I’d like to defend myself a bit by saying this is one of the better lists of rock and roll you are gonna find on the internet.  So, in that spirit, lets close it out right now with clips 24-1 and put this beautiful list to bed once and for all.

#24.  Bob Marley, One Love/People Get Ready – It’s Bob’s version of “All You Need is Love,” and its basically just as good.  Whatever melody making power the Beatles had, Bob had too.

#23.  Bob Dylan, The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll – I wish I had more Dylan on my list, but I couldn’t find too many choice clips of him playing my favorite Dylan songs.  This is an exception, one of the greatest Dylan videos you are gonna find on ole youtube.

#22.  Lucinda Williams, Drunken Angel – I got into Lucinda this year, and I love this song.  It’s like the greatest song Tom Petty never wrote.  Also, someone buy me that guys amazing green guitar.

#21.  Chuck Berry, Johnny B. Goode and Maybellene – The first appearance of Chuck on this list, but not the last.  These are the two greatest performances you are gonna find on youtube of these ultra classics.

#20.  Paul McCartney Cries Listening to John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy” – An authoritative study on Paul McCartney’s emotional state after John Lennon was killed.  Very interesting analysis and collection of video evidence.

#19.  The Liberal, SNL – One of the funniest political sketches ever done by SNL.  Sadly, the clip was recently removed by NBC for copyright violations.  You should be able to track it down on Netflix though.

#18.  The Unicorns, Tuff Ghost – A genius performance by the Unicorns who had the potential to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time, if only they could keep it together…

#17.  The Who, I Can’t Explain – The catchiest garage rock song ever written.  Also was #2 on the most played songs on my iPod article.

#16.  James Brown, Please Please Please – JB at the TAMI rock show pouring more soul into a performance then humanly possible.

#15.  Motorhead, Let it Rock! -Paul Shaffer makes another crazy appearance in a band you would never guess he was a temporary member of!

#14.  Bill Haley and the Comets, Rock Around the Clock – This ain’t just the “Happy Days” theme song…I can’t tell you how worth it is to watch this clip.  Pressing play is like having your ears and eyes being paid rubies and emeralds just for watching.

#13.  John Lennon, Cold Turkey – Cold, nasty, scathing, perfect rock and roll from the master of songwriting.

#12.  Eternity, the Games Show! – Another fantastic SNL vid removed for bullshit reasons.  Again, look to Netflix as they’ve added every season and episode of SNL EVER!

#11.  The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Inner Groove – At last the mystery that lies at the heart of Sgt. Pepper is finally revealed.  Very interesting clip and read!

#10.  The Rolling Stones, Respectable – My God does this cut from the Stones run hot and rock hard.

#9.  Chuck Berry, Roll Over Beethoven – The single greatest live performance by Chuck Berry ever captured on film.

#8.  The Beatles, Don’t Let Me Down – My favorite Beatles song.  Nuff said.

#7.  The Atlantics, Come On! – Australian garage wig rock at its finest!  This is an absolute winner.

#6.  The La’s, Timeless Melody, and That’ll Be the Day – Liverpool’s second greatest band ever.

#5.  The Beatles Get High Singing And Your Bird Can Sing – The title says it all.  This is a hilarious pot smoking miracle.

#4.  Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, My Girl is Gone – Soon to be your favorite Smokey song that you never heard before.  It’s dripping with gorgeousness.

#3.  We Are the World, and the Rest of You Can Watch… – For whatever reason, this blog post got more hits on my site then any other.

#2.  The Jackson 5 Singing I’ll Be There and Rockin Robin, Acapella! – These boys could really sing, especially the little kid in the front.

#1.  My Favorite Videos on Youtube, Part 1, LITTLE RICHARD, WOOO!!! – Just like the title says.  The post that started all the madness.  This is a clip of pure rock and roll joy.

Well, that’s all folks!  This is officially the end of the birth of the website.  Phase 2 begins tomorrow, stay tuned!

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