The Beatles, I'm in Love, Ultra Rare Song

Well, its been a few weeks since I’ve updated the website.  Mainly I’ve been busy working on my next creative endeavor, covering the song I’m posting today.  Its the dream of many a Beatle fan/musician to do their own version of a famed Beatle or solo Beatle song.  I’ve toyed with this dream for years, wondering which of the endless stream of hits to put my own humble little stamp on.  No matter what song you pick though, always has the caveat of never living up to the Beatle recording.  Even the greatest Beatle covers by the world’s biggest acts simply do not live up to the perfection the Beatles achieved in the studio.  When I discovered, “I’m in Love,” a lost ballad written by John Lennon in 1963, I knew I struck gold.  Not only is the song mostly incomplete, leaving open some room for interpretation, it is hardly known save for a subset of hardcore Beatle audiophiles who have combed over every inch of cruddy bootleg tape.  The version below is a minute and thirty seconds of John and a piano, singing the song in 1963.  What’s remarkable about this demo is that it sounds like it could easily be John in 1971 working on a new track for a solo record.  The lyrics, the emotion, the spirit of genuineness, and universalism, are all present in this wonderful and fragile piece of pop songwriting.  My cover is coming along nicely, and I hope to have it done in a few weeks.  Until then, here is the preview, a priceless artifact of sonic soul.

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3 Responses to “The Beatles, I'm in Love, Ultra Rare Song”

  1. Patrick Riley says:

    Great find. A Beatle expert friend of mine had this to say about it: ‘Never heard the demo before – very cool – but I know the song. It’s on an LP I have called “Songs The Beatles Gave Away”.’

    • Willie says:

      Hey Patrick. Yes, I’ve heard that version you’ve posted. I personally think the Fourmost did a really corny job with the song. To me, I would have loved for Lennon to revive it in his later years as an intimate/honest ballad. It’s a beautiful song though at its essence. Thanks for reading!

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