Islands, Rough Gem

Part 90 of my countdown blasts forward with one of my favorite group, Islands, and there video “Rough Gem.”  From their debut record Return to the Sea, “Rough Gem” is a beautiful kaleidoscopic indie pop song that swirls, spirals, and cyclones all over your ears.  It’s a gorgeous cacophony of genius modern pop.  I’m not entirely sure what the song is about, but I’m guessing its Islands leader Nick Diamonds mission statement about his soul or his fake last name.  I just discovered the video this morning, and I think its great as well.  Its a nice lo-fi astronaut adventure where the Islands spaceship is shot by a floating laser diamond.  Pretty typical of the group spawned from the legendary Unicorns.  Check it out.  SPECIAL MESSAGE:  This post represents the first of the last ten posts in my youtube favorites countdown.  When I hit #100, there will be a special retrospective look at the entire list, so get ready!

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  1. […] #90.  Islands, Rough Gem – Nick Diamonds beautiful indie tribute to NASA, and his own name.  Gorgeous modern pop. […]

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