The X-Men TAS Podcast: X-Men Evolution: Growing Pains

Season Two of X-Men Evolution starts with some good world building and a few intriguing mysteries! Join us as we discuss…

  • Speaking of Season 2’s, how about the Boys!? And how about Spider-Man 3!?
  • Professor X opening up the school to some of our favorite mutant legends!
  • Scott, she’s not waving to you, but we can all relate!
  • Storm, the video game! It’d probably be the coolest thing ever.
  • Professor X finally attempts to mind wipe an entire group of people!

We’re very excited to start another new season and we hope you are too! Make sure to subscribe to our podcast via Buzzsprout, iTunes or Stitcher and tell all your friends about it! Last but not least, follow Willie Simpson on Twitter and please join our Facebook Group!

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