The X-Men TAS Podcast: The Spider- Man Years – Insidious 6

Season Two of Spider-Man TAS begins with the Neogenic Nightmare series! Join us as we discuss…

  • Peter’s modern new look for the 90s, from 1985!
  • How Michael Morbius already owns a vampire jacket!
  • The stress we felt as kids watching Spider-Man lose his powers!
  • Why don’t the Avengers get off their butts and fight the Kingpin?
  • Trench coats are extremely effective at hiding garishly colored body armor!

We are thrilled to tumble into what is going to be a great new season of Spider-Man TAS and are hopeful you continue along for the ride! Make sure to subscribe to our podcast via Buzzsprout, iTunes or Stitcher and tell all your friends about it! Last but not least, follow Willie Simpson on Twitter and please join our Facebook Group!

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