The X-Men TAS Podcast: The Spider- Man Years – Goblin Wars

The end of season 3 is nearly upon us, but it isn’t going down without a fight! Spider-Man fights all the Goblins in one of the craziest and zaniest episodes yet! Join us as we discuss…

  • How more kids should dress as the Green/Hob Goblin for Halloween!
  • An early tangent on serialized super-hero television, including our thoughts on HBO’s the Watchmen!
  • Mary Jane’s sad acceptance of all of Peter’s lies!
  • Felicia’s bad luck when it comes to falling love!
  • The Green Goblin taking his place as top goblin!

We had a ball watching and recording this one and we hope you will too! Make sure to subscribe to our podcast via Buzzsprout, iTunes or Stitcher and tell all your friends about it! Last but not least, follow Willie Simpson on Twitter and please join our Facebook Group!

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