The Top Ten Most Played Songs on my iPod

Did you know that when you plug your iPod into your computer, iTunes can arrange your iPod’s mp3s by plays, from most played to least? It’s pretty fascinating to see what you’ve been listening to exclusively, and how many thousands (yes thousands of times) you’ve clicked play on certain songs. Well, I’d thought it’d be interesting to share the top ten most played songs on my iPod in a new awesome mega post. So, without further ado, here is the list, starting with #10!

#10- The Police- Can’t Stand Losing You, 255 plays. My countdown kicks off with the Police’s catchy little reggae punk tune known as “Can’t Stand Losing You.”  From Outlandos d’Amour, this song isn’t skipped much for a bunch of reasons.  First, its supremely catchy, with its syncopated guitars, tight harmonies, and perfect drumming.  Second, Sting’s lyrics are so raw and real, that its one of the greatest breakup songs ever.  I’m just addicted to the way that chorus fades into oblivion.

#9-  The Beatles- Eleanor Rigby, 509 plays. Ahh, the Beatles, of course, you’ll be seeing a few songs by the fab four pepper my top ten I’m not ashamed to say. “Eleanor Rigby,” from Revolver, is just a brilliant song to play on a crowded depressed subway during rush hour.  The song swoops in with George Martin’s brilliant string arrangement, and you look around the train and see “all the lonely people,” wondering “where do they all belong.”  Then you wonder if you yourself is one of those lonely people who is gonna die alone while you are arranging your socks in your dingy apartment.

#8- The Beatles- What You’re Doing, 511 plays. Like any countdown of popular music, the Beatles are just gonna be there, dominating it, and so, from Beatles For Sale, we have “What You’re Doing.”  A Paul song, this is just one of the catchiest lost gems, if such a thing exists in the Beatles catalog, and its so good it makes my knees buckle.  As a special treat I found an ultra rare “take 11” rehearsal take of the song on youtube where the boys run through the song with enthusiastic sloppy gusto!

#7- James Brown- Out of Sight, 582 plays. Earlier this year, I got James Brown’s Greatest Hits on my iPod, and by Jove, how it changed the way I strut across New York City.  When James Brown pops into your ear phones, it doesn’t matter where you are, he makes you spin, jerk, tap, and stomp.  I swear people must have seen me on the street thinking I was crazy as hell, after James sings “Out of Sight,” I’d stop suddenly, and the horn break blares, and I’d do some kind of dance move.  Just imagine that!

#6- The Beatles, Day Tripper, 767 plays. More BEATLES!  And how can you blame me?  This one is “Day Tripper,” a song which features perhaps the most memorable Beatles riff ever.  “Day Tripper” is amazing because when you boil it down, the lyrics are basically about a girl who the Beatles reject because, while she takes LSD, she does it just for fun, and not with the passionate drug cultured intensity that the Beatles invest in the hobby.  Musically, the song is a perfectly cut diamond, a thing without any flaws that will last for eternity.

#5- The Magnetic Fields, You Must Be Out of Your Mind, 831 plays. I got the Magnetic Fields latest record Realism earlier this year, and apparently, I haven’t gotten enough of the lead off track, “You Must Be Out of Your Mind.”  It’s a gorgeous catchy piece of baroque pop about rejection, not forgiving people, and saying that they suck, without mincing words.  My kind of song.  Check it out.

#4- The Beatles, Don’t Let Me Down, 1015 plays. My favorite Beatles song, at least according to my iPod.  You can hear it off Past Masters Volume 2, or you can watch them play it on the Abbey Road rooftops below.  Either way, you’ll be treated to the greatest excursion into soul music that the Beatles ever achieved, a true masterpiece from the masters themselves.  Can you dig it?

#3- Islands, Tender Torture, 1027 plays. When I got Islands’ 2009 record Vapours earlier this year, there was one song I could just simply not stop playing, and it was “Tender Torture.”  It’s just a beautiful perfect pop song about love lorn desire.  It fills me up with such romantic energy that it makes me feel I’d do anything for love, and I usually do.  I’m proud to have this song in my top 3, so check out this really cool live performance of it.

#2- The Who, I Can’t Explain, 1399 plays. If you’ve noticed, a bunch of these songs pepper my unending youtube countdown, and this is one of them.  I guess I just press the replay button at least 3 times every time the sheer catchy addictiveness of this masterwork by the Who pops on my iPod.  “I Can’t Explain,” is just an amazing piece of power pop that is also, coincidentally, an amazing piece of rock and roll too.  Rock it folks.

#1- Chris Thomas King, Hard Time Killing Floor Blues, 1536 plays. I was surprised when I noticed that this was #1 on my list.  I JUST did an update on this song a few days ago, so if you want more information, including a live performance by Chris Thomas King, just check back a few updates.  Interestingly, I didn’t post the version actually used in the movie, so I will do that here.  I think I must play this song so much because when it comes on, it just gives me so much peace and reflective serenity, that I need to sustain the vibe, and repeat it as loudly as possible, (its a quiet recording.)  Anyway, congrats to Mr. King, if you’re out there, for conquering all other artists and acts on my iPod with your brilliant rendition of this Skip James classic.  Till next time folks (i.e. tomorrow..hah!)

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