The Beatles, You Never Give Me Your Money

For part 50 of my youtube countdown, we dissect the many ways in which life is a bitch.  For instance, I was laid off my job yesterday.  Yes, loyal readers, I am now but one of the unemployed masses, set to be scrambling for an unemployment check, desperately sending out resumes, left wondering what it all means as I eat a bowl of corn flakes for dinner.  Luckily, the Beatles, who never had too many employment problems, nonetheless made a beautiful anthem to the “aimless young man set adrift” demographic in the guise of “You Never Give Me Your Money.”  This song, from Abbey Road, set off the famous song cycle that typifies side 2 of the legendary record.  The video I present is nothing fancy, just a cool compilation of Beatle clips set to the tune.  The video is a little dratty, but the song is top notch of course.  I think these are Paul McCartney’s most unpretentious lyrics, and a reflection of the amazing musical craftsmanship he was capable of in this era.  I’m putting this up for me, and everyone else seeking a new job, and a better life.  Enjoy.

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