The X-Men TAS Podcast: BONUS – X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Posted in on November 19th, 2018 by Willie

Prepare to have your hair turned white and your clothes spontaneously grow body armor as we take a look at X-Men: Apocalypse! Join us as we discuss…

  • Mystique, Cyclops, Jean…almost everybody’s character making no sense!
  • Magneto, the lackey!
  • People in their mid 50s looking 31-years-old!
  • The Phoenix Saga botched again!
  • A small discussion and tribute to the late great Stan Lee!

It’s another delightful, care-free bitch-fest on our journey to the conclusion of the X-Men cinematic universe! Make sure to subscribe to our podcast via iTunes or Stitcher and tell all your friends about it! Also, find us on Facebook! Also, follow Willie Simpson on Twitter and please join our Facebook Group!

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The X-Men TAS Podcast: Episode 33 – The Phoenix Saga Part V – Child of Light

Posted in on October 30th, 2017 by Willie

The Phoenix Saga comes to a thrilling and emotional conclusion, which sadly brings Phoenix Month to its end as well. Travel to the center of the sun with us as we discuss…

  • Gambit’s constant to desire to make out with Rogue right before the world ends!
  • Storm, the channel 9 weather-woman!
  • A surprisingly heated debate about the true color of the sun!
  • Who smashed Jean Grey’s body with a steamroller?
  • The Phoenix Saga episodes definitively ranked! (well, sort of…)

While it is sad to see Phoenix Month come ago, are hearts are warmed by the prospect of the Dark Phoenix month yet to come, so not all is lost X-Men TAS fans! Please make sure to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes (please leave a 5 star review to help us increase visibility so other X-Men fans can find us) or Stitcher! Also, follow Willie Simpson on Twitter and please join our Facebook Group!

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