Eric Clapton, Have You Ever Loved a Woman

Posted in Eric Clapton, Youtube Favs on November 14th, 2011 by Willie

The incredible and sweaty bluesman you see in the beginning is Freddie King.  Don’t be confused, this is a Clapton video, but its culled from a never released Martin Scorsese PBS documentary on Clapton’s heroes called, “Nothing But the Blues.”  Well, it was shown, but never released on DVD, one of the mysteries of modern media.  Anyway, this is Clapton at perhaps his most fiery and demonically possessed.  His bends at the 5 minute mark practically bend the whole world, and its the highlight of an absolute rip roaring moment in Clapton’s later career.  The nice thing about Eric Clapton was that the older he got, the more confident he became playing blues, a notion he explains at the end of the video.  To paraphrase George Harrison, when Eric is in the moment, he is so in tune with the music and himself, that he just shines in such a way that’s impossible to deny.  It’s no wonder people compare this guy to God.  Check it out.

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Kermit and the Cookie Monster

Posted in Fun and Crazy, The Muppets, Youtube Favs on April 6th, 2011 by Willie

To celebrate part 30 of my youtube countdown, I present you something truly wonderful.  In this classic clip from Sesame Street, we have Kermit the Frog and the Cookie Monster going head to head in an epic battle of wits.  Its just hilarious that Cookie Monster can’t be trifled with Kermit’s silly guessing game if cookies aren’t involved, and to get him to stay, Kermit has to continually sell out his morals.  It all ends with Cookie Monster pleading for Kermit to give him cookies, much like he is a crack head, and Kermit being so exasperated that he gives in.  It’s an almost demented metaphor for drug abuse, but, hey, its the Muppets, and its spectacular.  Enjoy.

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