Eddie Vedder, Emilio Estevez, Adam Sandler Shooting SNL Promos in 1994

Posted in Fun and Crazy, SNL, Youtube Favs on December 6th, 2011 by Willie

Making a television show is difficult, especially one like Saturday Night Live where all the content is written and produced a week in advance before live airing.  From the looks of this video, making an SNL is a long an tedious process.  Here, they are just making a promo spot, and even though this video is edited to 9 minutes, it probably took well over an hour.  It’s fantastic to watch though.  First you have Eddie Vedder, appearing in April of 1994, a few days after Kurt Cobain killed himself.  Eddie and Pearl Jam did a nice little tribute to Kurt as you can see in the picture above with the “K” on Eddie’s chest.  That’s just a bit of rock and roll history, but in this clip you get to see a nervous and very young Adam Sandler yuck it up with Eddie, whom Adam is clearly enamored with.  You also get to see the oddly detached Emilio Estevez, famous brother of Charlie Sheen, and son of Martin Sheen, interact with these other two icons of film and music.  At one point Eddie asks Emilio, how’s it been this week, to which Emilio replies, “I believe everything’s been good, just fine.”  It was awkward, and Emilio looks like he’d rather be anywhere else then with some long haired grunge rocker and with the jittery nutbar Adam Sandler.  This video is fascinating and revealing, and an awesome time capsule of one of SNL’s golden eras.  Check it out!

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The Flaming Lips, Talkin Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues

Posted in The Flaming Lips, Youtube Favs on May 4th, 2011 by Willie

Part 53 rolls on again with the legendary FLAMING LIPS!  I love them so much, and I love this song so much.  I’m in love, with a band and a song, why?  Because they never break my heart.  Take “Talkin’ Bout the Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues” from the 1992 album Hit to Death in the Future Head.  Take it, and play it over and over.  First of all, everyone knows, the greatest songs just begin with lines like, “Imagination, that’s the way that it seems, a man can, only live in his dreams.”  You know what that is folks?  It’s the lines of a great lyricist, and that’s what Wayne Coyne is, one of the greatest lyricists in rock and roll history.  His lyrics are like if John Lennon wrote for Pink Floyd.  Wayne gives psychedelic music universal vulnerable heart, and its beautiful.  This is one of my favorite music videos ever, one of my favorite songs ever, and you just need to get on board.  Check it out!

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