The Beatles, Tell Me Why

Posted in The Beatles, Youtube Favs on December 26th, 2011 by Willie

“Tell Me Why,” is the greatest black girl group doo-wop song ever.  John wrote it in Paris or New York, presumably influenced by his relationship with his then wife Cynthia, well, at least according to Paul McCartney.  John Lennon was a genius at creating the kind of propulsive and driving rock and roll that was also deliriously joyous.  “Tell Me Why” is like a massive bag of delicious candy in this regard, an unstoppable sugary confection of love, sadness, and exuberance.  The video below is from the “A Hard Day’s Night,” film, an excellent vehicle for the song.  Also, I noticed, YouTube started adding a 3D effect to some of its videos, and this one has it.  I couldn’t get it to work right, but maybe you can, in which case, the Beatles 3 pronged vocal attack will beam right out of your screen and into your face…pretty awesome, no?


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The Hey Jude Rehearsal Videos

Posted in The Beatles, Youtube Favs on August 16th, 2011 by Willie

I should have reversed these posts, but after I was surfing “Hey Jude” yesterday on youtube, I found some more choice clips of the legendary song, so consider this an unofficial part 2.  These are rehearsal videos of the lads in the studio learning the song.  You get John doing some funny antics, Ringo singing, Paul trying out some funny voices, and George philosophizing about pop music with George Martin.  It’s a treasure trove of sight and sound for Beatle fans and I had to find room for it on my site.  I present two versions however of relatively similar material.  The first video is a glorious HD version of the rehearsal sessions, tragically missing a chunk of the full performance though.  It’s a crime that this crystal clear color video and audio are shortened, but despair not for I have the full video, in lesser (but not bad) quality running right behind it.  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the song meant to comfort Julian Lennon over his parents getting a divorce written by the Beatle who wasn’t his father.

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