The Rolling Stones, Paint it, Black

Posted in The Rolling Stones, Youtube Favs on June 19th, 2011 by Willie

For part 94 of my fast concluding countdown, I have the Rolling Stones, “Paint it, Black,” from their 1966 LP Aftermath. First things first, the odd placement of the comma in the song’s title was added by the Rolling Stones record label Decca.  Why?  I have no idea.  Second, although Richards and Jagger wrote the tune, Brian Jones, having just returned from George Harrison’s house for an impromptu sitar lesson, added the eastern vibe with his own sitar work which you can clearly see in this video.  Speaking of the video, its pretty goofy with Brian vamping it up for the camera cross legged in full white jumpsuit.  The rest of the boys look positively mod and hipster chic which I don’t think is the Stones best look.  Whatever, I’ll leave the fashion criticism out of it, its just classic rock and roll, so enjoy this priceless document.

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The Rolling Stones, Out of Time

Posted in The Rolling Stones, Youtube Favs on June 6th, 2011 by Willie

For part 82 of my youtube countdown, you’re in danger of running “Out of Time” with the Rolling Stones incredible 1966 single.  First released on the UK version of Aftermath, the song is a fabulous example of 60s Brit pop, as well as being another song in a string of misogynistic themed lyrical exercises the Stones had going at the time.  (For the record, just pointing the misogyny out, not celebrating it.)  The first version of the song had a slow experimental garage rock feel, featuring Brian Jones on the marimba, (close to a xylophone.)  Version 2 has a more sweeping Beatle-esque  arrangement, with thicker background vocals, a faster tempo, and a dramatic string arrangement.  Version 2 is my favorite, mainly for the killer Motown vocal chorus where Mick’s voice mixes sloppily (yet sublimely) with the female singers.  It’s a hook that makes my knees buckle.  I’ve also included the Mick Jagger produced cover version done by obscure British pop singer Chris Farlowe.  His backing version is identical to the Stone’s second mix, and Mick is singing backup on that one too.  Farlowe’s version went to #1, but I’m including it because this guy is so British looking.  He’s like a cross between Austin Powers and Prince Charles.  It’s really funny.  So, here you go, all three versions of one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs of all time, “Out of Time.”

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