The X-Men TAS Podcast: Episode 36 – No Mutant is an Island

The X-Men TAS Podcast is back, delving deep into origin of our favorite most uptight mutant, Scott Summers! Join us as we discuss…

  • The quest for cheaper animation!
  • How Jubilee made the most sense in the poetry circle!
  • The jumbled up recollections of Cyclops’s various backstories!
  • Casual mutant racism!
  • Just what kind of money does Cyclops have in the first place?

It’s an attempt to fix the X-Men TAS timeline as we review this ‘lost’ episode that belongs in season 5, or does it? I don’t know, we were a bit sick and under the weather this week, so it hurts our brains to keep speculating! As usual, make sure to subscribe to our podcast via iTunes or Stitcher and tell all your friends about it! Also, find us on Facebook! Also, follow Willie Simpson on Twitter and please join our Facebook Group!

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