Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld, Freeway Jam + Blue Wind

In part 41 of my youtube countdown, we take a look at some prodigies. One is an old prodigy by the name of Jeff Beck, the guitar virtuoso of the guitar virtuoso factory known as the Yardbirds (Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page.) The other is the opposite of old, a sexy 24 year old bass whiz by the name of Tal Wilkenfeld. Here, the two team up for a killer jazzy jam with the highlight being a 4 handed bass solo which looks as weird as it is cool. While its an amazing feet that I’m sure was staged, it still looks like Jeff just can’t keep his hands to himself, and that Tal was doing just fine without him. Anyway, its still awesome, and yes we’re all jealous of Tal’s already legendary life on the road.  Enjoy.

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3 Responses to “Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld, Freeway Jam + Blue Wind”

  1. Nick108 says:

    Impressive, brilliant, genius, talented, and I’m jealous. But here is a star performer and blues to the back teeth in her blood. Nick108

  2. My lord Jeff Beck is FUCKING AMAZING.
    This just shows how big of a rock GOD he is.
    Plus, this be ma fav. Beck song.

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