Curb Your Enthusiasm Cast at the Paley Center

If you caught last Sunday’s episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Palestinian Chicken,” you know Larry David is on a hot streak.  There are a lot of genius comics in the world right now, but Larry is going for the throne of world’s funniest man.  I can’t get enough of Larry and the world of “Curb,” and because of my addiction, I found this awesome series of clips featuring Larry, Cheryl Hines, and Jeff Garlin talking about the creation and origins of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”  This is a long multi-video post, so be sure to click the more button so you don’t miss out on any videos.

VIDEO #1- Larry on the show’s creation.  Here Larry talks about how he thought his return to standup would be stale, so he decided to wrap it around a clever little mockumentary idea.

VIDEO #2- Jeff Garlin, director and executive producer of the show, explains how Larry coaxed him into starring on the show as Larry’s agent.

VIDEO #3- Cheryl Hines on how she got cast. Funny stuff from underrated cast member Cheryl Hines, who plays Larry’s wife. She brought a tremendous amount of subtle realism to the show in my opinion.

VIDEO #4- Larry David on his REAL personality. It’s true that “Larry David” from “Curb” is fictional on the outside, but inside it’s all real. BTW, the 4th guy is Robert B. Weide, director and producer of “Curb.”

VIDEO #5- Larry David on his real marriage. This was filmed when he was still married. It’s cool that the show got rid of Cheryl right as Larry was getting a real divorce.

VIDEO #6- Larry as a car salesman. In the show Larry couldn’t sell a car. In real life, Larry is convinced he could really sell cars. Hilarious.

VIDEO #7- Robert Weide on creating the Larry David special. Talks about the genius terrible pitches Larry receives when planning his HBO special.

VIDEO #8- Larry David on Richard Lewis. Larry insists that the relationship between him and Lewis is true to life, which of course, is awesome.

VIDEO #9- Larry David on money and fame. Larry talks about how he is not Mr. Moneybags in real life. Very, very funny.

VIDEO #10- Larry David on improv. Larry explains how it’s acting without acting…sound familiar?

VIDEO #11- Larry David on the show’s music. It all comes from a bank commercial! Larry had his research assistant extensively hunt the song down. Amazing because it gives you insight into what Larry was up to after “Seinfeld” but before “Curb,” ie, wasting time…or was he?

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