Spencer Davis Group, Gimmie Some Lovin', I'm a Man (Live)

Posted in Spencer Davis Group, Youtube Favs on October 2nd, 2011 by Willie

Emerging like the God of blue-eyed soul in the first video below, 16 year Steve Winwood delivers one of the best rock vocal performances of all time in the seminal hit, “Gimmie Some Lovin.'”  In 1965, rock and roll’s first ever teenage prodigy churned out a series of hits with the Spencer Davis Group before departing for equally famous endeavors like Traffic and Blind Faith.  The idea that a 16 year old boy could come up with “Gimmie Some Lovin,’ sounding like Moses returning with God’s Commandments from Mount Sinai, is a rock and roll miracle beyond the describing of it, which is why playing the song over and over is a must.  Yes I know the video has an audio sync problem, but its the only version available on youtube, so, sadly you’ll just have to imagine the group lipsyncing correctly.  Anyway to help make up for that small error, I’ve included their 1967 smash, “I’m a Man,” one of the coolest blues rock of the 60s.  This version is live, and the audio is synced up, so its extra crispy, (Hackers reference.)  Enjoy.

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