Bob Marley, One Love/People Get Ready

In part 24 of my youtube countdown, we’re going to look at Bob Marley’s wonderful posthumous music video, “One Love/People Get Ready.”  Why the slashed title?  Well, when Marley wrote the song in 1965, it was inspired from an old Curtis Mayfield Impressions song “People Get Ready.”  The original cut of the song from 65, was much more heavily reggaefied, but was reworked for his 1977 album Exodus into the poppier version we’re all familiar with today.  This video was cut after Marley’s tragic death and featured many pop stars including members of Bananarama, Musical Youth, and none other then Paul McCartney, providing his immortal stamp of approval as he sings and dances along.  It’s just beautiful.  One other famous guest star?  Future super model Naomi Campbell as a little girl dancing around with Bob.  I think this is one of the greatest pop anthems of all time, a simple and true tribute to love, beauty, and peace written by one of the world’s greatest heroes.  Enjoy.

PS- Why are there Spanish subtitles?  Because youtube, in its infinite wisdom, took down the original.  Oh well, its still perfectly great.

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