Ween, Freedom of '76, The Jane Pratt Show

The alternative vibe continues in part 45 of my epic youtube countdown.  This time its Ween, on the, ahem, “unforgettable” Jane Pratt Show in 1993 playing “Freedom of ’76.”  The song, a slow soul jam, comes from Ween’s brilliant album Chocolate and Cheese.  Ween, for the uninitiated, consists of Gene Ween (aka Aaron Freeman, lead singer) and Dean Ween (aka Mickey Melchiondo, lead guitar.)  Both guys are geniuses, two of the world’s best contemporary songwriters.  When Ween broke through as 19 year olds in the early 90s, they were pegged as a comedy rock act, which couldn’t be more of a misrepresentation.  While its true that there is great humor in their rock, their true skills lie in melody creation and tasteful arrangement construction.  Their talent is so powerful, they are capable of tackling any genre of music, making it original, and making it their own.  What’s great about this clip is the amazing clueless Jane Pratt interview with the very stoned Gene and Dean before they launch into their stunningly weird duet.  Expect more Ween in the future, enjoy.

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