The Who, Who Are You?

Rock and roll.  It’s life, it’s blood, it’s the Who.  This studio performance of “Who Are You” from “The Kids Are Alright” film is one of the best and clearest examples of rock and roll perfection.  The Who were a dynamite live act and an incredible studio machine.  This video captures both looks of the Who at their best in one of their most iconic songs.  There is something both beautiful and intimidating in the way Pete Townshend was able to pack explosive art into every second of this masterpiece.  The beauty part is self evident, but the intimidation element is something to behold.  This band, directed by Pete, is just all muscle.  Each member flexes their power over rock in a furious fashion, a force only contained in the lines of Pete’s brilliant songwriting.  It’s amazing, if you haven’t guessed, so just press play and enjoy.

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  1. Jimm says:

    Saw this clip recently and another element of the Who’s shenanigans is revealed–their sense of humor. Of course, Keith, as he was musical driver of the Who’s explosiveness, was also the driver in cutting up and being a clown, lightening Pete’s seriousness, John’s brooding, and Roger’s pugnaciousness. Just watching them goof around during the synth break is hilariousness. Always nice to see Pete on the keys, too. It’s really hard to believe Keith would be “Taken Away” not long after this. Whether it was snarky comments during Pete’s many stage monologues, trolling behind Roger’s back as the latter was singing (check out Pinball Wizard on the Tom Jones show for a great example of this: or finding ever possible position and posture to bang the hell out those Premier drums, he was the force that made the Who the Animal they were.

    • Willie says:

      Holy shit, this video might be the BEST Who video I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for sending it my way. I’m putting it up tomorrow. Just perfect.

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