The Atlantics, Come On!

Part 7 of my favorite youtube videos countdown continues with The Atlantics!  Hailing from Australia, The Atlantics started out as Sydney’s answer to the Beach Boys…except, they didn’t sing.  They were a surf rock instrumental band who churned out the local hits “Bombora.”  Looking to change their image a bit, they collaborated with lead singer Johnny Rebb in the mid 60s and produced “Come On” in 1967.  Written by drummer Peter Hood, “Come On” is considered one of the all-time long lost classics of garage punk rock.  Its a brash, highly charged electric party highlighted by a killer chorus and a bass line accented with Eastern mysticism.  This video is funny because we get to see Johnny Rebb’s gorgeous toupee, and moves strait out of Elaine Benes’s school of dance.  Enjoy!

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4 Responses to “The Atlantics, Come On!”

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Theo,
    was great looking at this old clip. Remember me, Linda from Bondi, who used to ogle at you while the band was playing at the Astra Hotel, Bondi, around 68 – 70 I think. We even ended up having a great date too!! Hope life has been good for you, has for me.

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