Howlin' Wolf, Smokestack Lightning

Posted in Howlin' Wolf, Youtube Favs on June 5th, 2011 by Willie

Back to rock and roll with part 81 of my youtube countdown.  Today I have the fierce Howlin’ Wolf with his immortal classic, Smokestack Lightning.  Wolf, born Chester Arthur Burnett, was a massive imposing man with a growling blues roar.  He didn’t get his name from his size, but rather his fear.  His grandfather used to warn him that the howling wolves in the country side would come get him if he misbehaved, which is sort of a lot like Batman’s origin if you think about it.  Hah, anyway, Smokestack Lightning is a one chord vamp of a blues song, featuring Wolf’s distinctive vocal delivery.  In this amazing clip, you get a real sense of Wolf’s incredible persona and serious attitude as he blows through the tune preacher like mysticism.  Not to be missed.

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