My Top 100 Youtube Favorites, a Retrospective, Part 3

We knocked off 100-50, now its time to begin rounding off the list of my 100 favorite youtube videos with part 3.  In this list you’re gonna find a lot of amazing super groups, all-star pair ups, and ultra rare collaborations!  Let’s begin the magical mystery tour right now!

#49.  John Lennon, Jealous Guy – I dig this video because of John’s ruminations on the philosophy of love right before he launches into the song.

#48.  Louie CK on Late Night With Conan O’Brien – Appropriate because Louie’s genius show Louie began its second season last week.  Don’t miss that.

#47.  Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Mean Woman Blues/Blue Suede Shoes – They were still young, and they were still thin, and of course they could still rock.

#46.  The Beatles, Strawberry Fields Forever –  My favorite Beatles song, when I was 17 years old.

#45.  Ween, Freedom of ’76, The Jane Pratt Show – It was early in the morning, and they were very stoned.  They were also very perfect.

#44.  The Flaming Lips, She Don’t Use Jelly (Live on Letterman) – Paul Shaffer appearance #1 in a band you’d never think he was a temporary member of.  Won’t be the last time you’ll see him here.

#43.  The Magnetic Fields, Grand Canyon – Some of the greatest lyrics ever in a pop song.  It’s an objective fact.

#42.  17 Year Old Biggie Smalls, Street Rap Battle – If only the East Coast/West Coast rap war of the 90s was resolved with words and not with guns…Really the height of irony…

#41.  Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld, Freeway Jam + Blue Wind – The cutest girl who ever mastered bass guitar playing alongside Keith Richard’s life stunt double.

#40.  Jerry Lee Lewis, I’m On Fire – Ooh, the best Jerry Lee Lewis song that nobody knows about, except you, you MUST know this song.

#39.  Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Prince – The holy trinity of dance, funk, and soul all on the same stage at the same time.  Such things make the gods very happy.

#38.  George Harrison, Paul Simon, Here Comes the Sun – George and Paul reunite!  Not that Paul…Whole lotta bad hairstyles going on in this one.

#37.  George Harrison, Bob Dylan, If Not For You – Another live ultra rare cut from George’s legendary “Concert for Bangladesh.”  This was Dylan’s famous “denim phase.”

#36.  Bob Dylan & Eric Clapton, Crossroads – Two grizzled vets having an absolute ball…Plus you get to see Dylan rock a Fender Strat live.  Pretty cool.

#35.  Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones – First you get Muddy rocking the song that gave the Stones their name, then you see them rocking together with Mick high on cocaine!

#34.  Matthew Sweet, We’re the Same and Girlfriend – The only two Matthew Sweet songs I’ve ever heard, but I’ve played them a million times.

#33.  The Police, So Lonely – What a fantastic cut from the Police.  This is Sting just how we like him; young, angry, and single.

#32.  Neko Case, Buckets of Rain – The woman with best voice in rock singing my favorite Bob Dylan song of 2011!

#31.  The Beatles, Hey Bulldog vs. Lady Madonna Video Controversy – The geniuses at Apple mixed these two clips up years ago!  It only took them 25 years to sort em out.

#30.  Kermit and the Cookie Monster – The funniest Cookie Monster video you’ll ever see.  Also the greatest acting by Kermit.

#29.  John Lennon, Dear Yoko (home performance) – John Lennon inventing the “upload yourself singing with a guitar for youtube” video, 25 years before youtube is invented.

#28.  Paul McCartney, For No One – Paul McCartney is a real underrated acoustic guitar player…Every time he picks one up, he can freeze the world.

#27.  The Dirty Mac, Yer Blues – The greatest one off super group of all time.  Lennon, Clapton, Richards, and Mitchell.  Oh yea, and Yoko Ono is trying to get out of a bag or something.

#26.  The Rolling Stones, Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Rock and Roll Circus) – The sexiest, sludgiest performance of this classic the Stones ever pulled off.

#25. George, Elton, Eric, Ringo, While My Guitar Gently Weeps – A bunch of superstars aligned to play the White Album classic in classic horrible 80s gear!

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