Bob Dylan, The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

It’s kind of shame that it took 23 notches in my youtube countdown to get to Bob Dylan, one of my immortal heroes of music..and  The video I present to you is utterly fantastic.  It’s from the old Steve Allen Tonight Show in 1964.  Steve Allen gives Bob an lovely epic introduction to the United States, elevating him further from his cult singer status to the perennial icon that he is.  Bob is very shy, barely giving more then a one or two word answer to Steve’s easy questions.  It’s just a remarkably restrained interview on both sides with Steve eventually breaking out into Bob’s poetry, putting poor young Bob on the spot.  But it’s a beautiful moment.  Then Bob breaks into “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll,” one of his absolute best classic “fuck you rich people” tear jerkers.  At the end of the performance, you can see there is not a dry eye in the house, with Bob having cemented himself as America’s greatest poet, songwriter, and all around genius.  If you want to see how an artist can change the world, and how revolutions of the mind and heart are really made and won, then you have to look no further then this clip.  I love this, and you should too.  Enjoy.

UPDATE 10.20.13- The original clip is gone. Enjoy this substitute. (Willie)

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  1. Claude Bixby says:

    Shy? Try stoned. You begin to wonder what’s going through S. Allen’s head around the end of that conversation. You can tell he’s trying to keep from getting frustrated and the lack of respect he feels he’s receiving from the lackey poet, but he knows it’s for the best of the performance that he go along with the ruse, though you sense he’s saying to himself, ‘I’m sick of this god-damned business. I’m getting too old for this sh*”t.’ “Here’s goes another one… ” But, I’m sure that’s just how it looks on the camera, I’m sure S. Allen was a big fan. Great choice Mr. Simpson. It is truly a memorable performance.

    • Willie says:

      You really think Bob was stoned for this? I just thought he was nervous. Honestly, I’d like to read more about Bob’s drug’s facinating. If you know any books or articles let me know, and thanks for posting.

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