Bob Dylan, Idiot Wind (Live)

I’m not ready to leave this concert from May 23rd, 1976 at Hughes Stadium.  For this segment, Bob is leading his band through a scorching rendition of “Idiot Wind,” another track from Blood on the Tracks.  This live version is especially nasty the way Dylan just bashes his electric guitar and snarls every lyric.  The song is about his ex-wife Sara, at least according to Bob’s famous son Jakob.  Bob denied this, but Jakob famously said that the nastier tracks from Blood on the Tracks are, “my parents talking.”  It doesn’t matter, because again, Bob puts the universal touch in all his songs, and this song is no different. It’s a remarkable and scathing diatribe of broken love and bitter nostalgia, and its a great moment in rock and roll history. A true folk rock gem whose long running time shouldn’t scare anyone from playing it, and if you are, well, you’re an idiot.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Amazing song.

    Supposedly Sara heard the whole Fort Collins performance from the front row. Must’ve felt thrashed & ennobled at the same time.

  2. richard says:

    a masterpiece. thank you. is there any way you can better match the video and audio? they get out of sync after awhile.

    • Willie says:

      Sadly not really. You could find a way to download the video off youtube, and use try to sync it using some film editing software, then reupload it. That’s the only way.

  3. suzette says:

    I love live version of Idiot Wind

  4. suzette says:

    what do you mean

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